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About Us

The origin of TuckVisor is, like the product itself, a simple one.

Throughout my career, I've spent countless hours in different vehicles driving long distances battling the sun. No visor provided with any vehicle was truly effective blocking the sun and glare coming in the side windows.

Always the problem solver, my solution to this annoyance became to tuck whatever possible between the window and trim. It did not take long for me to refine the idea, develop TuckVisor and realize its benefits every day. It quickly became the single most useful product in my in-car life.

The turning point to making TuckVisor a product for all was the day I had my car professionally cleaned and washed. Not far down the road after, with the sun glaring in my eyes, I reached for my invention to find it missing. The workers simply had mistaken it for trash and thrown it away.  I was struck with a memorable miserable feeling: TuckVisor was truly something I did not want to live without.  I knew the product was one I had to share.

Over 90% of all cars, SUVs, vans and pick-ups have a nearly identical driver's side window corner angle. TuckVisor's patent-pending shape fits this angle.  (For truly square cornered or atypical shaped windows, TuckVisor can be easily trimmed with scissors to create a perfect fit.)

Most rewarding is the positive feedback I get from so many customers. For some, the benefit is blocking the morning and evening sun and glare. To others it is the light-reduction shade it provides to relax their eyes, or that it keeps the sun's heat off their face and neck, or protects them from the sun's harmful UVA rays, or all the above and then some.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you benefit from TuckVisor as well.


Rick Williams, Founder