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Here are some of the questions we are regularly asked about TuckVisor:

Q:   How does it stay in place?

A:   You simply tuck (pinch) it between the windows and window trim.

Q:   Can you see through it?

A:   No. It blocks the sun just as your normal mounted visor would.

Q:   Is it legal?

A:   YES. Because it is removable and because it extends no further than the mounted visor.

Q:  Where do I store it?

A:   Typically between the seat and center console (in a vertical position) so it's convenient to reach.

Q:   Will it warp with the heat?

A:   No. It never gets hot enough to warp.

Q:   Will it damage my tinted windows?

A:   No. It slides easily and will not scratch or damage tint.

Q:   Will it fit my car?

A:  The shape is common to 90% of all vehicles. For square cornered or other atypical window shapes, TuckVisor can be easily trimmed with scissors for a perfect, custom fit.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at tuckvisorrick@gmail.com.