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Never drive with the sun in your eyes again.

Simply press the visor flat against the window, slide and tuck into place.


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MADE IN USA TuckVisor removable and reusable side sun visor is an effortless to use and ingenious solution to blocking sun and glare coming through your car's side windows. TuckVisor's unique, patent pending shape fits all vehicles.  TuckVisor simply tucks into place, held firmly by the window and trim. Tuck, easily slide to reposition, and re-tuck as needed. Conveniently store between seat and center console.  

  • Blocks sun and glare
  • Reduces sun and heat exposure
  • Eases eye strain
  • Improves driver safety

To use:   Simply PRESS FLAT against window, SLIDE and TUCK into position. TuckVisor is held firmly tucked between window and trim.


Our customers tell the story:

"...so simple, so easy, so effective, so genius."

"...the most useful auto accessory since the cup holder."

"...this is the commuter's best friend."

"...the best ten bucks I've spent in a decade!"

"...I see other drivers fighting the sun and I just want to give them mine."

"...Simply BRILLIANT!'


Starting at $11.99, TuckVisor is available in single, twin-packs and 4-packs.

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